Dishin' w Dee Individual Coaching Program


I am excited to announce the launch of our online Coaching Program that provides you with all of the benefits and information included in live coaching sessions, but at a fraction of the cost! And you can tune in when it's convenient for YOU. How cool is that? Take a sneak peek, and if you’re ready to change your life, click HERE!

Dee Dee Vicino SPEAKS!

Dee Dee Vicino, CEO and Founder of AllerSolutions by AllerCuisine, speaks about creating inclusive environments for those who have food allergies, celiac disease, and other dietary issues at the Born to Be Powerful Academy.


Wellness Renaissance

Founder and CEO, Dee Dee Vicino, ruminates with Judy Breuer about food allergies, celiac disease, and other dietary issues.

Dishin' w Dee: What You MUST KNOW to Beat the Bullies

Food allergy bullying in schools  is REAL.  32% of kids with food allergies report having been bullied at school, and about the same amount state that they have been bullied more than once.  Tune in for some quick tips on how to handle food allergy bullying in YOUR school.

Dishin' w Dee: One Life Hack That Will Save Your LIFE

Get organized.  Get safe.  Save a life.  Everything you need to know about Food Allergy Safety Kits right HERE!

Dishin' w Dee: Back to School!

Unlock the secrets to sending your food allergic kid back to school!

Dishin' w Dee: Two Tips for Successful Meal Planning

These two tips will simplify your life and leave you smiling!  Get ready for a great week of eats!

Dishin' w Dee: 504 Plans

9 things you absolutely must know💡 about 504 Plans before sending 🚌 your Food Allergic Child 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 back to school 🍎❗️

Dishin' w Dee: Simple, Safe and Scrumptious!

Unlock the Secret to a Simple, Safe and Scrumptious Summer

Dishin' w Dee: Happy Healthy Hump Day!

Are you looking for Summer Inspiration while the kiddos are home for the summer and eating you out of house and home? Or to entertain someone with food allergies and not sure where to even BEGIN? Don’t worry. You’ve GOT this… with a little help from FIVE of our Food Allergy Favs.  video

Dishin' w Dee: If you can’t JOIN ‘em 🙌, BEAT ‘em😂!

If you can’t join ‘em 🙌, BEAT ‘em😂😂!  How to beat the Summer-time Snackin' Blues

Dishin' w Dee: Sometimes it's OK to Walk Away

There are moments in life when it is more than OK to walk away.  

Dishin' w Dee: Stay Cool by the Pool

Lizards and Badgers and Babies - OH MY! Keep your cool by the pool this summer with three seriously simple strategies for your food allergic kiddos! 

Dishin' w Dee: Navigating Summer Camps with Food Allergies

Sending your food-allergic kid to summer camp? Tune in for super important summer camp questions you need to ask to keep your kiddos SAFE.

Advances in Peanut Allergy Therapy

Oral Immuno-therapy (OIT) is nothing new....but these advances in therapies are definite game changers.

Celebrity Interview with Charity Chapman

Singer/Songwriter and Food Allergy Mom, Charity Chapman, tells ALL!

Interview with Women Speaker Association

Laura Rubinstein talks with AllerCuisine CEO about re-framing the food allergy mindset and taking control of your life.

Celebrity Interview with Tracy Bush

 Tracy Bush shares insights, wisdom, and tips for safe and enjoyable Easter (and Passover) festivities. 

Dishin' with Dee: Cross-Contact vs Cross-Contamination

Great discussion on the difference between and the dangers of cross-contact and cross-contamination.