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We have very few affiliate links on our site, but this is one we believe in!  If you are in the Health and Wellness Industry, you may want to check out Alternative Balance.  Yes, we do receive a little something something if you click on the link, which helps us keep the lights on, but you won't pay a penny more for their services.  

Who We Are

I'm Dee Dee Vicino, recovering school principal and founder and CEO of AllerCuisine, and I am happy you're here.  Our goal is to create inclusive environments for people with special dietary needs, food allergies, and celiac disease and to ensure EVERYONE has a safe seat at the table. Our mission is to transform families, individuals, and organizations who manage food allergies and other dietary issues so they can enjoy a life free of fear and  full of fervor.

Are you ready to  energize, motivate, and engage your team with life-saving strategies presented by an experienced and entertaining CERTIFIED food-allergy management EXPERT?  Would you be interested in transformative, informative and engaging workshops and seminars for your business or organization? Are you looking for individual lifestyle management for yourself or a loved one?  Or are you just looking to spice things up with incredible gluten-free and allergy-friendly recipes?  

Have a look around and see what you think. Check under the hood.  Kick the tires.  We've got time.


What We DO


Professional Consulting

Today's landscape is riddled with confusion regarding food allergies and special dietary needs. AllerCuisine's ability to identify  opportunities for improvement relies on a cross-capability team of industry and operational expertise that helps clients pilot and adopt new policies to spark transformation in the workplace. By analyzing trends and using hard data, your AllerCuisine partner will help you connect the dots and  safeguard your business for long-term success. 


Professional Development

Many organizations are completely baffled when it comes to accommodating those with food allergies and other special dietary needs. Your AllerCuisine partner designs and facilitates  fun, informative and interactive Workshops, Presentations and Professional Development Seminars that target the unique needs of employees, parents, students, and teachers.  These entertaining and engaging presentations will NOT disappoint.  Click below for an abbreviated list of our offerings.  We are  happy to design a program targeted to your specific needs. 


Lifestyle Management

Navigating the murky waters of food allergies and celiac disease can be incredibly daunting and exceedingly overwhelming.  As a certified food management expert and AllerCoach, I can customize individualized food allergy management plans based on your unique needs. This includes anything from personal shopping to in home chef services to connecting YOU with the right support groups to providing you with delicious and  safe recipes.  I also work closely with doctors and organizations that support food allergy cures and are well-versed in managing multiple food allergies, including those outside of the BIG 8.   Be sure to check out our gluten-free and allergy-friendly recipes -  simple and safe, quick and easy - food the whole family will love (take a peek at our exciting Boutique Cookbooks, too). 

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