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Consulting Services


 Today's landscape is riddled with confusion regarding special dietary needs. AllerCuisine's ability to identify  opportunities at speed relies on our unique Innovation Architecture—a cross-capability team of industry and operational expertise that helps clients pilot and adopt new policies to spark transformation.By analyzing trends and using hard data, your AllerCuisine partner will help you connect the dots and reinvigorate your business for long-term success.

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Professional Development


Are you looking for fun, informative and interactive Workshops, Presentations and Professional Development Seminars that target the unique needs of employees, parents, students, and teachers?  You're in the right place.  We also create food allergy policies and protocols crafted for your individual needs so that you can keep 

everyone safe. 

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Lifestyle Management and Coaching


 Are you new to food allergies and frustrated with how to navigate the world of food allergies?  Then you may want to consult with a Certified Food Management Coach (Certified AllerCoach) to help simplify your life and keep you and your family safe.  Dishin' w Dee's Complete Coaching Program was written with you in mind.  Let's start your journey to peace of mind today!

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AllerSolutions™ Emergency Action Plan©


Download our Emergency Action Plan©  and Keep ALL of Your Employees and/or Loved Ones SAFE.

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Simple Substitions


Our FREE gift to YOU!  Join our mailing list and download this valuable resource TODAY.  Take the guess work out of substitutions and conversions and make baking fun again!

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Life Changing Printables



Simplify Your Life With

Chef Cards

Medical Kits

Travel Checklists

Safe-food Templates

Meal-planning Templates


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Top 19 for 2019: Dinner Edition!


Each quarter we feature a super cool and super informative Boutique Cookbook! These Cookbooks include Recipes  (Recipes NOT featured on the website), Helpful Hints, Shortcuts, Substitutions, etc.  So check out our store and buy the book!

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Advice for Chefs


Check out Chef Myron "Keith" Norman's new book - Allergen Awareness:  A Chef's Perspective!  Chef Keith, an Executive Chef at South Point Hotel, Casino, and Spa is "changing the way Chefs look at food allergic guests  one meal at a time!"

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The APP is Going to be EPIC


 We are in the process of creating an APP to make your life a whole lot easier!  If you'd like to be a part of the Beta test group (and we know you do!), sign up for our newsletter.  We hope to launch in early 2020!! 

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​Corinna Kromer is a personal coach, wellness educator, healer, spiritual guide, visionary, artist, chef, writer, speaker and author of a soon to be released Mediterranean Vibrant Cooking book and an online Self Help & Empowerment program for women.

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